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Valeting Services

Whether you're looking for a quick wash, or something a little more involved for a new car, or car sale, then this is where it all begins.  

As with all of the services provided by Enumero, your requirements are what we are looking to fulfill.  That's why we have a range of extra's that you can choose from, making every job from a Safe Wash to a Full Corrective Detail a bespoke service for you.

Safe Wash  - From £20

Everything starts with a wash, but if that's all you need, then this is what you'll be getting:

Pre wash; Safe Wash and dry; wheels cleaned; tyres dressed; door shuts cleaned and dried; exterior glass cleaned; gloss enhancing QD finish.

Entry Level Valet  -  From £45

Safe Wash as listed; Interior trim wiped from dash to pedals; seats wiped/brushed; carpets vacuumed front and rear; interior glass cleaned; air freshener spritz

Valet Enumero - £200-250

Wash & Wax  -  From £60

Safe Wash as listed; tar removed; clayed; single layer of wax orspray sealant applied.

This is ideal for those wanting to extend the life of their protection between more indepth work

Full Valet  -  From £80

Entry Level Valet with a little more time and attention:

Seats cleaned; leather conditioned; carpets shampoo'd where required; vents brushed; hydrophobic exterior glass spray; wheel arches cleaned

Washed cleaned and shined like it was my own vehicle.  Every option ticked.  A meticulous attention to what's needed to bring every part of the car to full standard.

Glass treated, carpets spotless, seats removed where required to get every last part, exhaust tips shined

Bespoke Options

Enumero is all about making every job a special job for you, offering you everything you are looking for in order to create a bespoke experience every time. Some of the options available are:

  • Summer/Show Wax Applied 

Show waxes typically offer less durability, however, what they loose in durability they more than make up for in terms of depth of colour, added gloss and tight beading

  • Additional Wax/Sealant Layers

Either returning the same day or completed after an interior work to allow maximum curing time for the initial coat.

  • Sealant upgrade

Upgrade to Gtechniq C2V3 spray sealant when applying​

  • Gtechniq G5 Application

Windscreen and side windows are prepared by cleaning them of any previously applied coatings by cleaning and polishing the glass. G5 is then applied to the clean and clear glass leaving a highly hydrophobic layer on the glass

Stand Alone Extras

  • Gtechniq Clear Vision Smart Glass application  -  £50

Glass cleaned, polished and Gtechniq G1 applied for a long lasting hydrophobic coating that's perfect for the British weather. 12-24 month durability

  • Wheels Sealed inside and out  -  £50-£70

Wheels removed, cleaned inside and out and sealed to give long lasting shine and protection to the alloys.  Upgrade this to Gtechniq C5 for £30 extra

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