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The key to keeping a car clean all year round is the preparation work before the layers of protection that are applied to the body.  There are several options as detailed below, please make contact if there is an option that you feel is missing or you would like to know more about anything that is listed here

Leather Conditioning - From £65

All leather is cleaned with a mildly balanced cleaner capable of removing stains safely, then treated with a high end conditioner, feeding the leather with important oils to soften and protect it leaving it with a satin-matt finish.

Pre-Summer Protection -

From £250

Car paintwork stripped of all contaminates and machine polished with a pre wax cleanser. Wax applied to the paintwork, water repellent to the windows, exterior trim treated, tyres coated with a long lasting water repelling coating, wheels sealed on the face, inner arches cleaned and treated.

Ask for more information regarding upgrades to the glass care and wax used.

Gtechniq G1 Application - £60

Glass cleaned, polished with Nanotech glass polish (P4) and then coated with three coats of G1 to the windscreen, and one to all other windows. This is expected to last from 12 to 24 months.

Alloy Wheels Sealed - £45

Wheels are removed from the car, cleaned with iron remover, tar remover and checked to ensure they are spotless.  Wheels are then sealed with a long lasting sealant to aid with cleaning in the future and give them a high gloss deep coloured finish.

Upgrade to a ceramic coating for £25 extra

Winter Protection - From £250

Same level of preparation completed as with the Pre-Summer Protection, but a sealant used to protect the car from the winter weather and salts on the roads.  

As with the PSP, please ask for more information regarding upgrades to sealant and glass care.

Ceramic Coating - £200-£250

A ceramic coating is applied to the car, lasting a minimum of 18 months meaning that all is required is safe washing techniques to maintain the level of gloss and protection to the paintwork and wheels.

Ceramic coatings add a minimal profile to the existing clear coat locking in the paint, and therefore this is only recommended for new or very well maintained cars.  If this is not the case then please refer to the detailing tab for a more in depth service to prepare the paintwork prior to application. 

Bespoke Options

Enumero is all about making every job a special job for you, offering you everything you are looking for in order to create a bespoke experience every time. Some of the options available are:

  • Summer/Show Wax Applied

Show waxes typically offer less durability, however, what they loose in durability they more than make up for in terms of depth of colour, added gloss and tight beading 

  • Additional Wax/Sealant Layers  

Either returning the same day or completed after an interior work to allow maximum curing time for the initial coat.

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