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Detailing Services

When you're looking for the perfect finish to your paintwork, with added depth to the colour and long lasting durable finishes then this is where I specialize.  Long lasting sealants over perfect paint, ceramic coatings, high gloss.  All prices are subject to an inspection of the vehicle to determine the level of work required to give you the perfect finish you're wanting.

Paint Correction

Removing light swirl marks from previous poor washing techniques. One or two stage machine polished, topped off with your choice of coating

Engine Bay Detail - From £75

Engine bay cleaned, washed, degreased and dressed.  From under the bonet to the depths of the upper bay.  

Bespoke to You

A tailored service is exactly what Enumero does best.  Bring your vehicle to the premises and while your vehicle is assessed, discuss the options available and your requirements to get the best out of your pride and joy and the best out of the services on offer.

Level Enumero

This is the highest level of finish.

The finest layer of paint is removed by wet-sanding the clear coat.  This removes all swirl marks, all orange peal and all imperfections to the paintwork.

This service is finished with a ceramic coating that will last a minimum of eighteen months and more with the right maintenance washes and care.  

Every level of attention is given to every area of the vehicle from the inside to the out.  Carpets are shampoo'd, seats shampoo'd or cleaned and conditioned.  Dash and interior conditioned. 

Wheels are removed and sealed, with the inner wheel arch cleaned and sealed while they are off. 

Exhaust pipe polished.

Brake calipers cleaned.

Engine bay detailed.

The list goes on and on till I can't find another spec of dirt or imperfection in the finish of the paint.

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